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Promotie BE FIT Be Fit si Powertech din Ordaea Shopping City ti-au pregatit un abonament special!
Private Area Private Area
Promotie Film In fiecare vineri e cod rosu de reduceri la Cortina CInema Digiplex!
Bar Code Bar code, a stylish café-bar, next to the entrance of Cortina Cinema Digiplex movie theater, places the shopping center among the premium entertainment destinations in Oradea due to:
Cortina Billiard Billiard has a long history and a very interesting story.
Cortina Bowling Come and have fun playing Bowling
Cortina Cinema Digiplex Cortina Cinema Digiplex offers 6 modern theatres for exceptional cinematographic experiences.

Loyalty card

How do i get the card?

For CORTINA CINEMA DIGIPLEX loyalty card, you must fill in the request form, from Concession Bar or downloaded from here here and to bring it to any desk from Cortina Cinema Digiplex or at Concession Bar, everyday between 12:00 - 22:00, with identity card to confirm the data entered in the form..

How to use the card?

Cortina Cinema Digiplex card It is not transferable and can only be used by the holder. For accumulate points, the card must be handed over before making any shopping because only in this way, shopping are registered along with the corresponding number of points. Points accumulate in purchases made anywhere in the cinema, including the ticket desks at the Concession Bar, Bar Code or the bar from the pool area and bowling, accumulating points that can be later processed into items, cinema tickets or other.

How can i use the points?

For every 1 leu paid you'll get 10 points. For example, you buy a ticket for 10 lei so get 10 points, and for getting a free ticket that costs 10 lei, you need 100 points.

What are the advantages of CORTINA CINEMA DIGIPLEX card?

Fidelity card is how Cortina Digiplex Cinema rewards it' s customers loyalty, through purchases made anywhere in the cinema area, including the ticket desks at the Concession Bar, BarCode or the bar from the pool and bowling area , accumulating points that can be later processed into products, cinema tickets or other.

With CORTINA CINEMA DIGIPLEX card, for every purchase made, get a 10% points bonus, that can be converted in items or tickets at CORTINA CINEMA DIGIPLEX.

In addition, Cortina Cinema Digiplex celebrates your birthday, so the holder of the card will receive his birthday gift from Cortina Digiplex Cinema 2 tickets for 2 people or its equivalent in points! In addition, for your birthday, ALL POINTS accumulated, TRIPLES!

Aplica pentru cardul Cortina Cinema Digiplex

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