Cortina Arcade

Arcade Games

Come to Oradea Shopping City to enter in games world and to spent your spare time in a relaxing, fun atmosphere.

We offer:

•          A wide range of electronic games for kids and adults;

•          11 games and simulators, all SEGA, the biggest producer in games equipment;

•          The possibility of choosing to play single or in competition with other people.

The first arcade games were created in the first decade of 1920 and consist in fun equipments like shooting galleries and throwing ball, from amusement parks. Were made of wood and used a mechanical system for score. In 1930 appeared first pinball machine, with coins.

Between 1970- 1980, Arcade video games were developed, being used in malls, shops and cinema halls from America and other countries.

A traditional Arcade game is a machine with coins, specific for many commercial activities, including malls, restaurants, bars.

Today, Arcade games are diversified and can be found online and offline.

At Cortina Arcade from Oradea Shopping City you can choose to play box, basketball, hockey, to participate in car or motorcycles races, and If you are fortunate, can win: a photo camera, a video camera, a digital photo frame, a mobile phone or a Casio watch.

Have fun!

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