Cortina Billiard

Billiard has a long history and a very interesting story.

It gradually evolved starting with the 1500s, and it developed in Europe, as well as in other corners of the world. Today when we think of billiard, we imagine pool sticks and pool balls, but in the beginning, billiard didn’t have any of these. In its early beginnings, the game could be played outdoors, on the grass, and only later the game was moved indoors, on tables. To simulate the grass, the table was covered with a green cloth which imitated the green of the grass outside.

France is a country with tradition in this sport; back in the day billiard used to be played by royalties. The game was extremely popular among the members of the high end society of those times, and it was rather mandatory for anyone and everyone who desired to have a career in politics, because it was one of the favorite games at the private parties of politicians.

Nowadays, it is enjoyed on a large scale everywhere in the world. Now, you can also enjoy it at Oradea Shopping City, where billiard will be a fun attraction for all visitors. We have 9 tables where you can show off your skills and precision at the art of billiard.

The equipment we offer meets international standards of competitions dedicated to this sport.

Quality, accuracy, and professionalism are the attributes that define the billiard tables of Oradea Shopping City.

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