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A warm welcome to Steilmann, a new world of fashion, accessories and style.

With Steilmann Fashion 4 Life you experience the brand universe of Steilmann and Stones.

2 top brands, 2 different collections and styles, all under one roof.

United here is a whole world of style-from basic to glamour, from casual to high fashion.

Fashion 4 Life is unadulterated fashion combining all the senses.

See, feel and experience the world of Fashion 4 Life each time afresh.

Welcome to the exclusive fashion world of women and men of today.



With Steilmann combine fashion and lifestyle into a unique , self-assured look. Spertly functionality, innovative materials and sensitive feminity create a collection that turns every day into a celebration. Great quality at a great price. Fashion with a fun factor –for every new season and every new day.


Stones stands for modern menswear with a sporty touch ans casual elegance with an urban look. Fashion for the modern man of today who loves life and exudes selfevident , casual masculinity.

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